Bishop of Aizawl

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The Diocese of Aizawl was formerly known as the Diocese of Silchar. The Diocese of Silchar was made up of the districts of Cachar Hailakandi and Karimganj of Assam State, the entire Tripura and Mizoram States. The Diocese is bounded on the west by Bangladesh while the northern extremity wedges into the segment of a circle which touches from the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya to the North Cachar Hills of Assam, on the northern section of the east lies Manipur state, on the southern section the Chin Hills of Myanmar, on the south, the northern extremity of Arakan districts of Myanmar.
Bible Quote:

10 July 2014

" wise as serpents and innocent as doves"

(Mt 10:16)

As per the CCBI directives responding of having and maintaining a website in all the Dioceses of India our Diocese too is making a humble beginning.
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